Hello! I'm Adam O'Kane.


  • Building Peep
  • Writing at Adam Report (& @photosiwrote)
  • Volunteering at BBBSNH
  • Writer and Social Media Strategist at Hawthorn Creative
  • Past:

  • FUN Program
  • Yellow Pad Projects (provided free consulting for 90+ startups)
  • Seacoast Aerials (commercial aerial photography)
  • Makers Ltd. (interview series I did after graduation)
  • ScoopStream (think Reddit communities if they looked like Twitter)
  • Blastr (private group conversations)
  • FanTagger (vertical social network for sports fans)
  • ...also published The Demers Herald, a satire newspaper about my extended family, when I was 12
  • Future:

  • [Classified]
  • [Security clearance needed]
  • [Redacted]
  • [Ask again later]

  • twitter | linkedin | email me