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I'm Adam O'Kane.

I couldn't figure out a title, so here are 9: entrepreneur, writer, beach goer, cookie eater,
product maker, Celtics fan, Wildcat & Warrior, Stars Hollow resident, and all-time kickball pitcher.

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I'm writing at The Adam Report

I love writing about product, new media, startups, marketing, sports, and random ideas. I'm getting into writing stories, too.

I don't write on a schedule. I use writing to organize my thinking. So, if I have an unsettled idea bouncing around in my ahead, I write it out.

Check out The Adam Report to see me organize my thinking. It could get messy and/or embarrassing.

The Adam Report
The Adam Report
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I'm building Parade

Parade is an app that I'm working on. I would say more, but it's more mysterious if I don't. You can follow the progress at

If you want to discuss opportunities at Parade, email me at adam [at] 

We're shooting for an early December App Store launch, so stay tuned.
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