Hello! I'm Adam O'Kane.

product strategist & writer

adamokane [at] gmail.com / @adamokane


Current Status: figuring out what's next.

2013-2015: Seacoast Aerials (commercial aerial photography)
2013-2014: Yellow Pad Projects (consulted for 90 startups)
2009-2011: ScoopStream (niche social networks)
2009-2010: Blastr (group messaging)
2007-2009: FanTagger (social network for sports fans)


Current Status: writing at The Adam Report.

2016: Wrote my first screenplay. Semi-finalist in the Austin Film Festival.
2013: Interviewed my favorite makers at Makers Ltd.
2012: Started blogging.
2008: Served as sports editor for the Winnachronicle. My work suffered, as I was distracted by Isabelle the whole year.
2003: Correctly predicted in my junior high school newspaper that the Red Sox would win the World Series in 2004.
2002: Wrote and distributed a satirical newspaper about my family. I was 12.


Current Status: counselor, digital strategist, and all-time kickball pitcher at the FUN Program.

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. -Wayne Gretsky" -Michael Scott

"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle." -Ian MacLaren

"I'd trade it all for a little more." -Mr. Burns

"Adam, what's the opposite of Delaware?" -Anonymous